Monday, November 21, 2005

Simple Sharing Extensions: Turning RSS bidirectional

Ray Ozzie, the Microsoft CTO, has proposed Simple Sharing Extensions(SSE)- a new specification that extends RSS from unidirectional to bidirectional information flows.

From the FAQ page on SSE at MSDN
SSE defines the minimum extensions necessary to enable loosely cooperating applications to use RSS as the basis for item sharing--that is, the bidirectional, asynchronous replication of new and changed items among two or more cross-subscribed feeds.
Essentially, an RSS (and OPML) extension to allow two-way communications over RSS*.

The draft specs for SSE are released under a Creative Commons license – Attribution-ShareAlike. By the way, Creative Commons has made a note of SSE and its CC-license release, saying something to the effect of it's too good to be true.

For me, SSE is a potential blockbuster. Too early to comment though.

*Is that Really Simple Sharing in OzzieSpeak or Really Simple Syndication?


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