Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The AJAX Paradigm

Paul Kedrosky has made an interesting comment over what we should expect from the new generation AJAX apps. He makes a comparison with Desktop.com in the bubble times.

Many people are making same mistakes again. Om Malik mentioned Writely as a thin client. Why would I need a word processer over web, the inherently unreliable media. And even if I do, why would I trust keeping my documents with someone [and somewhere] else.

To quote Paul:
"What I really want from Ajax apps is for them to do stuff that it’s too hard to do with binary apps. I want them to be sensibly integrated with online resources; I want them to support realtime collaboration. I want them to do different stuff from Word/Excel/Powerpoint, not just do the same thing with a different engine under the hood."
Can't agree more.


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

We (at Writely) agree too...if you look on our blog (writely.blogspot.com) we talk about how we're very much not trying to copy Word, but trying to re-invent these services in a way that makes sense on the web.

There are actually things in this realm that the binary apps have trouble doing - like mixed live and non-live editing, very simple publishing, etc. As we get deeper into the space, we find more and more uses for Writely - and none of them are Word uses.

I agree very much - this is NOT about reinventing the wheel because you can. It's about providing new value. Hope you give us another look.

At 11:48 AM, Blogger Brajesh said...

Even slashdot got recent news items about web-based office suite, which apparently was a hype.

There are inhibitions about web-based Office suite and these are well-reasoned.

Indeed there are some things browser is pretty good at, but document editing, I have my doubts. Sure I would give writely as many looks as I can.

There _is_ a void for Office applications in terms of collaberative editing, but any solution would have to seamlessly fit with current scenario and then evolve.

At 11:36 PM, Blogger Deathy said...

The AJAX paradigm is really a nifty buzzword for saying that javascript now works. Javasc ript,xml,css and the other technologies in ajax have existed for quite some time but only now are people realising how to use its full potential. Of course some cases of ajax abuse will appear but overall we will see a lot of good examples on new web development techniques and learn from out succeses and mistakes.

Going on to writely, I think it was a natural evolution. The idea of having a specific tool handy wherever you have internet access is very good, as long as security and compatibility with offline solutions is kept in mind.

Of course there is a hype, it's something new. And if you think there's gonna be another bubble...bear in mind that enough .com's survived the bubble, and they are some of the best sites today. It's all a matter of natural evolution and selection. :)

Cristian Vat ( my blog )


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