Friday, August 26, 2005

Desktop Abound

Google's Desktop Search tool had its limitations. Perfect to search through web/file cache, unusable otherwise.

Now, with the launch of Google Desktop 2 (still Beta). The newly added Sidebar may be usable for some, but for me, instant search capabilities are much more important. I have used Copernic Desktop Search in the past, and found it much better performer in this regard earlier. Though, God knows why, Copernic is determined not to push their already good tool - adding a few features, and a bit of marketing won’t harm the cause.

Now something about Google's Sidebar. "Web Clips" works great (it automatically subscribes the syndication, if available), but "News" takes forever to load on my desktop. "Scratch Pad" is a nice idea, but yet to find usefulness of "Photos". Newly introduced "Quick Find" is working very well.

Along with previous limitations of not being all-purpose search tool, the other draw-back for me is search results display in the browser, it's even slower than that in previous version. And Google probably has already realized that browser is not a good interface for desktop applications. So With this Sidebar, Google Desktop is not a browser app anymore.

Somebody calling the end of desktop. Not yet, not yet!


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