Monday, January 10, 2005

mind your desktop Part-II (can't help it)

Well...I have been using the Copernic Desktop Search tool for sometime now. It has some amazing features apart from being very "light" on the system. While Google Desktop Search requires 1GB of space on C: to conveniently locate the index of your entire electronic existence, I didn't find any such requirements for Copernic. Copernic doesn't index secure web pages in its index, which Google does. Probably it is a good thing, you don't want your visits to secure web pages to be available at the first place..meant to be secure include bank websites, Gmail and other e-Commerce sites.
So by its design itself Copernic seems to offer more security(?)...whatever that means. But overall I found myself more comfortable with Google Desktop search.
Any way, instant desktop search is a revolutionary concept, whatever the tool, bye bye old days of Windows Search Companion which used to take painfully long time to search a mp3 or a file containing a phrase with unreliable results.


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