Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Lion is wounded again

As it seems, the big news is that Microsoft is abandoning one of its most contentious attempts to dominate the internet after rival technology companies banded together in opposition and consumers failed to embrace the
After the reports of eBay, far and away the most popular U.S. shopping Web site, ending partnership forged in 2001 came out, pretty much underscoring consumers' unwillingness to embrace Passport outside Microsoft's own MSN Internet network.
These developments conclude the foiling of one of the most ambitious attempts of Microsoft after xBox failed big-time to overcome SONY Playstation 2 by 15 million vs 70 million. Nevertheless, supposed and rumoured release of xBox-2 next month or by March followed by that of Playstation 3 promises the battle revisited and this time it is supposed to be even fiercer than last time.


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