Friday, November 25, 2005

Now a Media Player with built-in P2P

From an Engadget post, a Dutch company LamaBox is launching a media player with built-in peer-2-peer functionality. It plugs directly into TV, provides search and download support for all the major P2P services like Bittorrent and Kazaa, has a DVD burner and plays any image/audio/video format.

Will it be bait for more litigations? Probably not. Engadet writes - "The Dutch supreme court ruled long ago in favor of the then Netherlands-based Kazaa and only classifies the upload of copyrighted material as illegal. As the LamaBox FAQ responds to the question of the legality of downloading films and music, “downloading from the Internet is always legal.”

So no “affirmative steps to foster infringement.” as in US ruling aginst Grokster. Bait for debate it'll be.


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